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What Will Our Tommorrow`s Bring?

September 1, 2011

After the events of last week I cannot help but wonder if this is not a glimpse of what is going to happen or shall I just be honest and say,”What the hell is going on?” Is this havoc we have wreaked on ourselves,our planet,our government,our children`s futures have come back to bite us in the butt? You cannot help but wonder….

I have been in hurricanes in my youth,but I never thought I would experience an earthquake,a hurricane,more rain in a month than this area has ever seen and ravage flooding within days of each other. People can mock Al Gore all they want,but he was right plain and simple and now with the economy being what it is will the President and Congress finally get together and realize that even without having funds at hand they are going to have to do something on the scope of FDR`s WPA,TVA etc.Our roads are falling apart,our bridges are falling down,and now we know that we are no better off than we were ten years ago when we came under attack by terrorists. Not even the NYPF,NYFD EMS people and other first responders have the radios or other devices to commnicate with one another. We have fought in three wars that have cost billions under false pretenses whose only benefactor was Dick Cheney. Cheney decided he would be the power behind the somewhat tarnished throne of GW and so it was meant to be…..We were duped plain and simple. No one was a hero in any of this,how many lives have been lost? How many young people served with dignity to a country who will show them none whe they come home from countless tours and cannot find jobs etc. So it goes my fellow Americans…we have been duped… More ramblings and thoughts to follow about a variety of subjects just so that I can vent,be angry at a health care system that refused to find out what was wrong,and at children who now that I know refuse to get their children tested for a genetic  condition. Do I let my Drs write the letters,or keep peace…so it goes…


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